Annual Conference of the Japanese Associations of Occupational Therapists


Guðrún Árnadóttir was Keynote speaker at the 52nd annual conference of the Japanese Association of Occupational Therapists in Nagoya, 2018. She was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from JAOT by Professor Myiaguchi, H. & Professor Nakamura, H., president of JAOT .


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A-ONE Research at the 2019 AOTA Conference


Jaewon Kang presenting her research from Yonsei University in S-Korea on validity and reliability of the Korean version of the A-ONE at the annual conference of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) 2019 in New Orleans.

A-ONE Doctoral Dissertation in Osaka, Japan


Yasuhiro Higashi defended his Doctoral dissertation at the Graduate school of comprehensive rehabilitation, Osaka prefecture University in Japan. He used Rasch analysis to explore reliability and validity of the Japanese version of the A-ONE.

August 2018 - Yonsei University


The 2018 A-ONE course at Yonsei University in South-Korea was a great success!



New Publication

The following article is now electronically available:

Árnadóttir, G. (2016) Contributing to an integrated profession: A model-based examination of the A-ONE, Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy:



The article demonstrates use of Yerxa’s Model of an Integrated Profession to evaluate if three developmental cycles of the A-ONE sufficiently represented all necessary model components required for implementation into practice.


The Model of an Integrated Profession depicts a circular scholarly process whereby ideas formed in practice are subjected to research and then returned to practice through education. This knowledge generating cycle supports occupational science and the development of professional identity.



Dallas Texas

A-ONE course in Dallas Texas was a success! Organized by the Texas Occupational Therapy Organization (TOTA) , the A-ONE course was run at the TOTA OT conference at the Dallas Richardson Renaissance Hotel

Guðrún with two of the great students in Dallas, Regina and Thelma!


September 2015 Hiroshima University

Guðrún Árnadóttir was guest lecturer at Hiroshima University on the 29th of September. Presentation title: The link between occupational performance and neurobehavior. Professor Hideki Miyaguchi welcomed and introduced Guðrún as seen in the photographs.


A-ONE course in Osaka went well with A-ONE instructors in training doing a great job. Koji Nishikawa going through the students homework !


JULY 2015

The first A-ONE course in South Korea was a great success! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the smooth running of the course!


Below is a group photograph of participants taken at Yonsei University on the last day of the A-ONE course. Guðrún Árnadóttir stands next to Dr. Ji-Hyuk Park, head of the Occupational therapy program and leader of the South Korean A-ONE study group.

Celebrating the A-ONE´s 25th Anniversary




Read up on the latest developments on the A-ONE in the article "Celebrating the A-ONE´s 25th Anniversary" by Guðrún Árnadóttir and Valerie Harris in The American Occupational Therapy Association OT Practice July 8 2013 issue.iv


WFOT Yokohama

WFOT Yokohama: Guðrún Árnardóttir and Valerie Harris presented on the A-ONE at WFOT Yokohama June 2014 Oral presentations:

  • Árnaóttir: Contribution to integrated occupational therapy profession: Model based examination of the A-ONE.
  • Harris and Árnadóttir: Neuroanatomy and body functions in occupation based education.

Poster presentation:

  •  Árnadóttir and Harris: The Activity-focused Occupation-based Neurobehavioral Evaluation (A-ONE): Diverse utilization possibilities.